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Privacy policy and cookies

Definition of cookies

The website resorts to technology of “cookies”. These cookies allow collecting information about the use of the website for Internet users in order to improve their browsing experience for their upcoming visits.

Cookies are small browsing data recovery text files that are stored on the device from which you go online.

Purpose of cookies

We use cookies in order to:

  • Optimize the effectiveness of your browser from one page to another in our website.
  • Identify potential errors in our website through collected information.
  • Emphasize advertising messages which can be sent to you when browsing the web.

Respect of your privacy

Our commitments regarding cookies:

  • We do not attribute any data that might identify you (date of birth, name, and address…).
  • We do not share any information from cookies to other advertisers or websites.

Remove cookies

You are able to change options in your browser either to block cookies or to remove them (repeat the operation for each browser). For more information about cookies:

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