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Steel-framed building: glossary

Discover the quality elements that compose our kit structures. To view the details of an accessory, please refer to the corresponding number below.

schéma éléments de nos charpentes en kit

  1. Pre-drilled columns: Future extension guaranteed!
  2. Oversized gusset plate connection : In accordance with building code
  3. C-shaped purlins: Galvanised & great inertia
  4. Extra-large ridge flashing: Fixed to the purlins for a better protection against wresting
  5. First choice coated sheeting metal: First choice roofing sheet, Anti-condensation layer included for greater absorption of humidity
  6. First choice cladding sheet: Coated, five-wave metal sheet
  7. Galvanised interlocked gutters: High capacity flow gutter (copyrighted design), avoid the formation of rust.
  8. Poteaux pré-percés : Facilité d’installation du bardage
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